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Shock-proof pressure gauge generally uses full scale

By cixiokate at 2021-08-11 • 0 collector • 154 pageviews

  How to choose a shock-proof pressure gauge

  1. The choice of dial diameter.

  If the device is large or the viewing distance is long, choose a larger dial, otherwise choose the surface of a small dial.

  2. Determination of range.

  Shock-proof pressure gauge generally uses full-scale 1max 2mm 2max 3, full-scale limit 3max 4; for larger load shocks, it is recommended to use 1max 2 full scale.

  3. Determination of accuracy level.

  The accuracy level of the Shock-proof pressure gauge is that during the production process, the accuracy level should be selected according to the requirements of the production process, economy, and practicability, testing methods, etc., and according to the allowable error required by the small tested equipment.

  4. Determination of liquid materials.

  When measuring non-corrosive medium, use ordinary pressure gauge (joint and elastic element material can be made of copper); when measuring corrosive medium, use stainless steel pressure gauge (joint and elastic element material can be 304 or 316L); the temperature of measuring medium is relatively high When it is high, the stainless steel pressure gauge should be used.

  5. Selection of thread interface specifications.

  Generally, it is better to use a metric (national standard) thread.

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