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New Design Nike Air Max 97 “Multi Pastel” to Debut this Week

By blair2019 at 2021-08-10 • 0 collector • 230 pageviews

Newly Jordans 2021 holiday series will include the new Air Jordan 3 "Pine Green" color scheme. Dressed in black, pine green, cement gray and white color schemes. This Air Jordan 3 is characterized by black frosted shoes with pine green accents on the midsole, ankle, brand, and eyelets. The iconic elephant print wrapped toe and a white midsole on the top of the heel and a gray rubber outsole complete the design. In addition to the Sacai x Nike Blazer Low series, Virgil Abloh will also release its own Blazer Low series in 2021. One of them wears white/college red, and the other wears black/green makeup. The two off-white sports tops will feature iconic off-white details, including overlapping laces and circular cuts. They will also have some new features, such as a reworked heel piece with foam at the back, plastic inserts, and colorful spots.

In addition to these two pairs of woven shoes and a vibrant color, 2021Sneakers also revealed another upcoming Air Max 97, which uses soft tones. This Nike Air Max 97 is characterized by a grid base that highlights pastels, orange and green overlays. The gray embroidered Swooshes matches its rubber outsole, while sitting on a white midsole completes the design. Casablanca and New Balance have collaborated again, this time in a brand new silhouette called XC-72. New Balance XC-72 is designed by New Balance designer Charlotte Lee, who is also the creator of 327. Wearing the familiar orange and green color scheme, using the original Casablanca x New Balance 327 style, but also blending white leather and gray suede cover. A large "N" is in the middle of the foot, and the co-branded tongue is designed in a white midsole and a green rubber outsole.

The Air Jordan 5 "Oreo", originally released in November 2013, 2020 Air Jordans will unexpectedly return in the summer of 2021. Dressed in black, white and cool gray colors. This Air Jordan 5 looks very similar to the original shoe, with a black matte upper, a gray trapeze tongue, a translucent net on the side, and a white embroidered brand on the high heels. The white midsole and the ice translucent outsole on top of the spotted Oreo shark teeth complete the design. In the fall, New Balance launched a new "wheat" color scheme for the brand's 57/40 model, drawing on fashion elements from the 80s and 90s. The upper of the New Balance 57/40 series uses wheat-colored suede and mesh fabrics, while the green uses the oversized “N” logo familiar to the brand. The stacked midsole is finished with a black rubber outsole.

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