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Hushpuppi And Criminal Super Cop Abba Kyari

By SnrMgr at 2021-08-05 • 0 collector • 500 pageviews

The last has not been heard about FBI indictment of Nigeria's top super cop ABBA KYARI, who has been joyfully killing innocent citizens whose crime was asking for a peaceful referendum. It turned out from FBI documents the Fulani officer Nigeria sponsored to a super cop is actually a super criminal. Through records available from Hushpuppi's phone record and money transfer records there was enough evidence to warrant a U.S judge to issue a warrant of arrest for Abba Kyari. Abba Kyari who a fulani is now depending on Nigeria's fulani lead govt to cover and shield him from extradiction to U.S to answer for crimes which he has giving a conflicting denial. His denial ranged from tailoring, errand messenger to debt collector for Hushpuppi.

Abba Kyari's situation is a case of a murderous hunter becoming hunted, and informs the world of why decent tribes who refuse to be part of the fulani rot want out of the British scam called Nigeria with a referendum.


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2021-08-06   #1

I have seen it for days, agree with the information you shared, it helps me a lot 

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