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Crunchyroll is offering one month of free premium access to the platform

By zakkdawe at 2021-08-02 • 0 collector • 271 pageviews

They can take the opportunity to see that anime they want so much without paying a cent.

We have already highlighted Crunchyroll several times , the biggest legal platform when it comes to anime content. Although it is not easy to find many animes due to licensing issues in Portugal, which may force users to opt for VPNs, the streaming service has anime for all tastes. And it keeps getting more and more content.

Now, and to celebrate the Crunchyroll Festival , an online event that took place this week, behold, the platform is offering a 30-day premium access to the service for a limited time without having to pay a cent. Just follow this link , fill in the necessary data and enjoy.

This promotion works for existing accounts as well as for those who have not yet opened an account at Crunchyroll. You will be able to watch the animes without ads (the free version is especially “boring” in this) and, in many cases, simultaneously broadcast with the original airing in Japan. As a rule, many animes are available on the service just one hour after the Japanese broadcast.

Then they know: either start paying for the service or give up. As simple as that.

For the rest, we would like to point out that, in addition to having announced five new simulcasts this week , the platform also announced that three new series will make up the line-up: Drug Store in Another World – The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist , Remake our Life and My Next Life as a Villainess – All Routes Lead to Doom! X .

Crunchyroll has even more news on the way for this summer season.

Link download: crunchyroll apk

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