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Forgot Google Password

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It is annoying when I forget the Google password. To make it easier for users, Google allows users to log into all Google services with one account. That means your Google password is the key to go to Chrome, Gmail, Google Play Store, YouTube, Google Photo, Google Drive, etc. If someone lost or forgot the Google passcode, they cannot use any Google services. Therefore, you need to learn an effective solution to handle Google password problems. Google has realized that users may need to recover forgotten Google password and provided solutions to help users to recover lost Google password. We will present these solutions in detail below.

Part 1. Recover lost Google password via PC password

As you can see, when you recover your lost Google password, browsers will ask you to enter your PC password to verify your identity. If you don't remember your PC password, you won't be able to recover your Google password either. So you need a powerful tool to help you manage your PC password

Step 1: Access Windows password reset and connect the formatted USB flash drive to your computer. You can also use DVD to create a bootable disc.

Step 2: Tap the Burn USB button to start producing a bootable USB.

Step 3: The status bar will show you the process in real time.

Step 4: When the bootable USB is finished, tap the OK button and remove your bootable USB drive.

How to reset your password

Step 1: Plug in the bootable USB you made with the Windows password reset and restart your computer.

Step 2: Then the password reset screen will appear automatically.

Step 3: Tap the Reset Password button and reset your PC password.

Step 4: After rebooting, you can remove the bootable USB and restart your computer. You can then log into your PC with the new password.

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