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Slope unblocked

By joyce at 2021-07-30 • 0 collector • 186 pageviews

If you enjoy fast-paced platform games, try slope unblocked.

Control the ball as it crashes through the 3D course, collecting diamonds along the way while avoiding the deep.

The main task is to take a green ball on a journey. The green ball decides to conquer a dangerous route composed of different parts. On each section of the route, your ball is waiting for different tests. It is not only reading the column or pulse acceleration because you cannot calculate the length of jumps and descents, especially after such pulse acceleration, or even double acceleration, Then it will be difficult to cope with the track. However, if you still decide to test your ability to regularly accelerate navigation in space, then this game is exactly what you need.
Control by Keyboard:
LEFT ARROW = Move Left
RIGHT ARROW = Move Right

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