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Solid wood bathroom cabinets feel warm

By housen at 2021-07-25 • 0 collector • 167 pageviews

Whether solid wood bathroom cabinet is better or PVC bathroom cabinet is better, mainly depends on personal preference, the following is the difference between the two:

Bathroom furniture is basically made of solid wood, moisture-proof board, and density board in the selection of materials, and the exquisite surface treatment process is used to resist the attack of temperature, humidity and ultraviolet rays to ensure that the substrate is used in the bathroom for a long time without cracking and deformation.

Solid wood bathroom cabinets and PVC bathroom cabinets can be distinguished at a glance. The upper layer of solid wood bathroom cabinets is made of artificial stone, and the solid wood below is made of rubber wood, which feels warm.

The whole set of PVC bathroom cabinets is made of PVC material, which is very real to the touch, but it is a bit cold, and the overall color is also cool, which is cool and colorful.

The design of PVC bathroom cabinets is based on simplicity, and the feet are all retractable. The wash tray on the solid wood bathroom cabinet is generally made of artificial stone, with a bright and smooth surface. The cabinet below is made of imported rubber wood, which does not absorb water and is just waterproof when used in the bathroom. And when I got close and smelled it, there was no peculiar smell.

The whole set of PVC bathroom cabinet is made of PVC material, and the advantage of PVC is also non-absorbent. But when you smell it close, the PVC material will have a little smell, but after a period of time, the smell will gradually disappear.

Comparison of advantages:

Both solid wood and PVC have the advantage of not absorbing water. They are used to make bathroom cabinets and have certain advantages when placed in the bathroom. The non-absorbent properties of PVC are more obvious, but there will be a little taste at the beginning, and it is heavier, but the price is much cheaper than solid wood. Solid wood is lighter and has no peculiar smell.

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