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Rsgoldfast - Not all the gods would be changed

By mmogrfy at 2021-07-22 • 0 collector • 183 pageviews

Okay. I'm not trying to OSRS gold push my religion on anyone, but, here is my idea: Christian runescape will be an alternative version of the runescape, with gods and stuff changed to different gods in the bible. Here's the most popular alternative to god: Zamorak, Satan. Saradomin: God Armadyl Asherah bandos : Baal Guthix :escarte Zaros : Dagon

Not all the gods would be changed. Also, there would be an additional rule that you could report someone for : disrespecting religion/ this would mean that if you ridicule one's religion, even if it's buddhist or atheist, you could be investigated. You would get suspended as punishment.

The option isn't mandatory. It is necessary to click on the icon on the homepage to initiate the change (similarly to language selection, however, it is much more extensive). Some may think that this is a bit absurd. But my character praises saradomin whenever I login. I would like to alter this to fit with the religion of other players. I've been conducting surveys and discovered that 3/10 of runescapes players are Christians.

As you might imagine the armor and other items would be identical, but with different names. I was thinking there are Christian-only universes so you don't have to tune into a different version to meet your friend. Thank you! (In Advance) It was a brand new game that combines pest control with FoG, Clan Wars and Castle Wars. Imagine this: you can compete against other players in Duel Arena or as you take on clan wars.

All runes are provided and your arrows come back to you, like in fog. Pest Control is almost identical to the rewards, with the exception that you can increase the summoning power by accumulating points. Another option is that buy RuneScape gold you can all fight with a large group of players.

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