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Chronic Change Seekers

Some people just have a “sensation seeking” personality. This personality trait are often defined as a propensity for novelty seeking and intense sensations, either experienced from thrill-seeking or from social and intellectual exploration. Essentially, people that have this tendency are constantly trying to find new ways to experience various things and new ideas and knowledge to process. These people also seem to possess trouble handling long periods of boredom or monotony which is why it’s no wonder they’re constantly finding themselves trying to find change.

Sensation seekers are happier when they’re experiencing new things. They also tend to possess higher levels of energy, lower levels of depression, less negative affectivity and better agreeableness than those that don't share this trait. These are the type of individuals who are likely to settle on a travel-related job or employment working with many new people every day . They’re also likely to start out their own business or make their own invoices. Pay Stubs Now was formed specifically to assist people like this – chronic change seekers – with generating pay stubs and managing their finances.

A downside of this personality trait is that those suffering from it are often seen as more susceptible than others when faced with ethical dilemmas or engaging in risky behavior. this is often because monotony feels uncomfortable to them, in order that they might struggle with maintaining stability in relationships, jobs, and decisions.

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