The existence of embroidery machine spare parts is very important

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In the process of embroidering using an embroidery machine, the reasons for such problems are often caused by improper operation. Improper operation will cause damage to the parts of the embroidery machine, and the damage of the parts will cause the embroidery work to not be carried out smoothly. Therefore, the use of the embroidery machine Need to pay attention to the following matters:

1. When all the pins are in the high position, you cannot use your hands to turn the dial;

2. When the position of the pin is in the high position, it should not be jog, otherwise there will be a high probability of jamming;

3. Relevant preparations should be made before pulling the rod to drive, not only need to choose a suitable pattern, but the selected working method should also match the pattern;

4. Before driving the lever, make sure that all the pins should be in the down state. If the pins are in a high position, you need to manually lower the pins before you can pull the lever to drive, otherwise it is easy to malfunction in the embroidery work;

5. When embroidering sequins, the switch of the sequin device should be set to the upper position, otherwise there will be problems with the lifting of the sequin device;

6. The air pressure of the sequin device should be set properly, not too large or too small. Once the air pressure is adjusted, it cannot be changed at will;

7. When using tape embroidery or zigzag embroidery to make up embroidery, the tape on the reel and the upper thread on the machine head should be loosened, and all the pipes should be in a high position;

8. When mending embroidery, the speed of moving the embroidery frame should not be too fast, so as not to damage the fabric;

9. When embroidering, after pressing the function key, do not move the embroidery frame in a hurry. You need to loosen the cloth clip first. After changing the frame, in order to make the fabric smooth and easy to embroider, you should first clip the front fabric and then clip the back Cloth clip.

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