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What are the advantages of the automatic creasing machine?

By ronghua at 2021-07-19 • 0 collector • 190 pageviews

The automatic creasing machine is a digital post-press processing equipment, which is very popular in the market. Let's briefly understand some of its characteristics.

• Improved suction paper conveying system

• Lengthened paper feeding table

• Intuitive operation 5.7" touch screen

• Self-sharpening cutting blade

• Fast and fully automated

• Simple operation and easy to use

• Advanced software control

• Attention to detail design, clear each machine module

• Only minimum floor space required

• Scalable modular design, customized functions on demand

Ronghua Digital is a creasing machine manufacturer, mainly includes digital creasing machine, manual paper creasing machine, paper creasing machine, automatic creasing machine and pocket creasing machine.

The Creasing machine is widely used making different media papers such as hotels, weddings, invitation brochures, etc. The operation interface uses the big LCD, the system fault-tolerant design automatically recognizes many kinds of error information.

For details, please contact: digital creasing machine manufacturer.

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