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Understand The Composition Of Plastic Auto Windscreen Wiper Mould

By taizhouswymould at 2021-07-19 • 0 collector • 140 pageviews

Many parts of the car are made of molds, and Plastic Auto Windscreen Wiper Mould is also a kind, so what is the composition of the car wiper?

Under normal circumstances, there is a wiper control knob on the handle of the automobile combination switch, with 3 gears of low speed, high speed, and intermittent. At the top of the handle is a washer button switch. When the switch is pressed, washing water is sprayed out, and the windshield is washed with the wiper. The scrubber system is a very common device on automobiles at present, which consists of a water storage tank, a water pump, a water delivery pipe, and a water spray nozzle. The water storage tank is generally a plastic tank of 1.5 liters to 2 liters. The water pump is a miniature electric centrifugal pump. The washing water is divided into small jets and sprayed to the windshield, which cooperates with the wiper to clean the windshield.

Knowing the composition of the wiper, we can face it calmly when driving in rainy weather, and not be in a hurry. Many drivers ignore the field of vision directly behind the rear windshield and only rely on the left and right exterior mirrors to observe the rear of the vehicle. Lack of direct rear vision, the rear blind area of the vehicle will increase a lot, bringing a lot of safety hazards to driving.

So we still have to pay attention to safety when driving.

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