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As they leave, sneak over to the door

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Use your thieving skills to track them down. Follow them, but don't go too close, or Colonel Grimmson will catch you. Be sure to keep at least 5 squares behind them. As they approach Hreidmar's home look out the RS gold window to observe that they have been magically called. They will be told to meet at "the place" by a figure. They will be transported to the location by the boatman. You will need food and combat equipment before you take off on the vessel. This is going to become ugly, I promise.

Visit go to Dwarven Bootman. Instead of talking to him, stow away on the ship and you will hear the Red Axe members telling him they are taking a load of barley to "them". In a short time, you'll be taken down to the Keldagrim cave, which only the Red Axe knows about. It isn't a good idea for the Red Axe members to advance to the next room, so stay until they do.

As they leave, sneak over to the door , and look over the door for traps. After disabling the traps go through the door and look up at the balcony. You will see three Dragonkin below and one of them has a name: Wyvoch. Wyvoch is one the Kin that you saw following While Guthix is asleep. Red Axe members will be entering. They are allies. What is the reason why the Dragonkin need allies made up of businessmen who are soulless and have an economic power that could be able to cause recessions, or even flagrantly breach the law? I think that question answers itself. A conversation follows:

Colonel Grimmson will face the level 186 Adamant Dragon in the arena. Yes. Level 186. He is able to beat it. You're wrong. The animation spell can't be effective on an adamant. That's what you said regarding the Mithril Dragons and the Steel Dragons before them. If you could have had the choice Elvarg might have been our strongest creation. I'm being real here. That's enough. There's still another project to develop, even though I want to complete the Adamant Dragons complete.

I'm sorry to interrupt. I believe that you are in reference to Lucien our Mahjarrat friend. Yes. While I'm not going to need your assistance in that region, nor will I need the Chaos Dwarfs' help, or even your human companion up there, What? It's your name! There's no one here! He's an cheap RuneScape gold employee but I consider him an enemy. I thought it was odd that he just stood there. The two of you (to the two Kin) try out your Adamant Dragons on him.

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