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Do you want to own one pair of Air Jordan 11 Space Jam?

By hx201314 at 2021-07-16 • 0 collector • 230 pageviews

The first images of the Air Force 1 Shadow Goddess Of Victory have appeared. This is a collaboration between Nike and League of Legends Pro League.League of Legends is a computer game. The game can only be played online because you have to work in teams. As a team, you must destroy the other's Nexus. The team that still has the Nexus won. Throughout the game you earn gold pieces that you can exchange for items and weapons.The League of Legends Pro League (LPL) is the highest professional league for the game in China. The top three winners of this tournament will receive a spot in the League of Legends World Championship.The Air Force 1 has been given a makeover for this partnership. The upper of this model is completely made of suede. The toebox and the center panel are processed in a salmon pink color. The other overlays are colored lilac. The suede is a light turquoise color around the laces.The Swoosh is cut from the side, giving it a playful effect and a white color. Below it says 'Have A Good Game'. The tongue is pastel yellow. The laces have a lace-lock in the same yellow color.The heel tab has a special detail. The tab is originally pastel yellow, but has a transparent plastic over it in pink. This plastic features the Nike Swoosh on the right shoe and a globe with a smiley wearing a headset on the left.
Nike remains true to tradition this year too and is releasing the much sought-after 2021 Air Jordan 3 Pine Green for the fall season. But then we find small changes again. Take a look at the sneakers and their details here.It wouldn't be autumn if we didn't get the popular “wheat”. This year it appears as a mid version. The buttery soft nubuck comes with an autumnal wheat / flax finish. You can see some changes in the swooshes and the usual "Outdoor Green" branding has been revised. In addition, there is the belt, which is made of a similar material. The Coconut Milk / Seafoam-Yellow Strike colorway perfectly recreates the bernad found on a mummy from a horror movie. The sneaker is therefore equipped with a top that is tearable and is nicely compensated in terms of color by the addition of a turquoise-like colored Swoosh. Other eye-catchers consist of a spider on the left toe box, Egyptian eyes of Horus on the heel, followed by toilet paper prints on the insoles. Finally, glow-in-the-dark soles, heel tabs and tongue labels complete the design.
Coming Monday morning, July 19, 2021, LookBoosts will release a new collab at 10:00 AM! Together they unleashed their creativity on the Luna Rossa 21 silhouette. Two colorways will appear, a gray and a black.Recycled materials have been used for this collaboration and the upper is made of PRIMEGREEN material, while the midsole features signature BOOST material. The sides of the sneaker feature the signature Three Stripes, while the heel features a red stripe with 'PRADA' branding. The adidas and PRADA branding can also be found under the sneaker. To top it off, the EVA tongue has been chosen, which gives the sneaker a simple look.

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