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Uber For X Script | On Demand Business App

By duceapps at 2021-07-15 • 0 collector • 169 pageviews

Do you want to create an Uber like app or an Uber-like app for your on-demand services? We create on-demand business app like Uber with help of our ready Uber for x solutions with complete deliverables of iOS, Android, and the Web. We can assist you in developing a custom Uber for x app for your on-demand business. We develop and deploy an Uber app for startup and entrepreneurs to provide on-demand service to your customers.

Indeed, we've developed the Uber for X script platform for a variety of industries, including transport and logistics, food, grocery, handyman services and medical consulting, and any other service business.

Get your customized and white lable uber like app solution to start your on-demand business. For more get free consultation now

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