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Introduce The Necessity Of CNG Emulator

By lineng at 2021-07-14 • 0 collector • 106 pageviews

Cars are a very important means of transportation for us. Many people think that CNG Emulator can be omitted in cars, but is it unnecessary to add CNG Emulator?

Today's cars are controlled by microcomputers. The fuel of EFI cars is changed to gas. On the one hand, to prevent the fuel injector from being blocked for a long time, every time it is started, it is required to start with oil, and then switch to air-burning operation, so that every time the fuel pump After starting, there will be nearly 2L of gasoline remaining in the pipeline between the fuel pump and the fuel injector to burn together with the gas, so that the mixed combustion of oil and gas is not eliminated, and the more the number of starts per day, the more gasoline is consumed. The more it is, this is the root cause of the inexplicable decrease in gasoline after the EFI car is changed to gas. In addition, the fuel injector is in the open state regardless of whether it is in the gas state or the fuel state, which is not conducive to extending the fuel injection nozzle. life.

Therefore, when the fuel pump circuit is cut off from the fuel of the EFI vehicle, the fuel injector electrical circuit should also be cut off simultaneously, but the fuel injector circuit cannot be cut off by a common switch, otherwise, the original car computer cannot detect the fuel injector signal. Existence, it will enter the failure mode.

So adding CNG Emulator is still very necessary, and LPG CNG Switch is also very important.

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