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Custom Needle Felted Animals is an original way to create a personalized animal

By myfeltpet at 2021-07-12 • 0 collector • 148 pageviews

Custom Needle Felted Animals is an original way to create a personalized animal. By having a needle felted animal as your very own custom plush, you can express your thoughts about that special someone or thank the special person in your life for something they have done for you. By giving a Custom Needle Felted Pet, you can keep that special memory alive, and treasure it forever.Custom Needle felted animals

A needle felted animal is made with special thread, made to feel wonderful to the touch. The thread used for this product is all natural, using no chemicals or dyes, and will never fall apart. The thread used is actually wool, that is hand tufted to create the desired shape. Once the animal is patted dry, it will retain its shape for years. So if you ever get tired of the animal, simply take it off, and enjoy a new one!

Custom Needle Felted Pet

Each needlepoint is unique, because of the different colors and textures of the fur that is used. Many of these animals are pups, so they will not grow out as you would expect. However, the hairs do grow back in time, and there is no loss of beauty or luster. Each needlepoint is made by hand, with each color being hand picked for that special recipient. When you buy a Custom Needle Felted Pet, you are really buying a work of art, not just any cat or dog.


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