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A lot of people use Hotmail account for exchanging emails and communicating with people. And just in case you forget the password of the Hotmail account then you are free to communicate with the customer support team and fix the issue that is bothering you. For more information, follow the below given mediums.

Helpline number

You can dial the helpline number and then talk live to the support team without any hindrance. The support team will guide you live with the call and then you can proceed with the answers. The Hotmail Phone Number, can be contacted anytime you wish and as many times you want to that will help you with the answers.

Live chat and email

 The support team can also contact the support team with the help of the live chat and email. The live chat assistant will ask you to explain the doubt in detail and once you are done, then they will follow up with you regarding all the answers. 

Social media

The social media platforms are more than available to assist you with the answers and for staying updated, make sure that you turn on the post notifications online.

FAQ section

It is not necessary to contact the customer care team of the Hotmail all the time. You just have to find answers to all the common questions via FAQ section and you will be done. And this is all to sum up the ways to contact the Hotmail Customer Service.

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