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The flat pack container house is very convenient to use

By pthhouse at 2021-06-21 • 0 collector • 149 pageviews

The flat pack container house, a convenient mobile temporary house, provides a lot of convenience for the temporary residence of workers in many construction sites and construction units. Although the stable material of the container house is solid, the service life is long. So what are the safety issues for flat pack container house?

1. Be careful not to stack high-rise buildings

In order to improve the living space of container houses, proper stacking is often carried out. Although the container house is light in texture, care should be taken not to stack it too high to avoid safety accidents. As a standard, the stacking cannot exceed three layers.

2, be careful not to overload

Some use multi-storey or two-storey container houses, try not to stack too many items and sundries or arrange too many people to live. Before using it, you can know the loading capacity of the container house. Don't overload to avoid accidents.

3. Pay attention to fire prevention

The material used in the container house is very strong, but the airtightness is very good. Therefore, attention should be paid to fire prevention. Especially in the container room near the wall, it is necessary to avoid the use of electric welding construction, and pay attention to installing fire protection devices when heating and baking fires in winter; in this way, personal safety accidents caused by indoor fires can be avoided.

4. The flat pack container house should be fixed on the ground as much as possible. If it is stacked in strong wind or heavy rain, the risk factor will be high, and it is easy to shake or collapse. Therefore, the container house should be fixed on the ground as much as possible, and there should be a very strong bottom fixing device. Therefore, attention should be paid to the choice of installation location and the use of fixing methods between containers to avoid areas where collapse or slip waves occur.

For details, please contact: container house manufacturers.

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