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Is the sex doll flexible?

By lisaaamm at 2021-06-16 • 1 collector • 210 pageviews

What kind of sex doll is good to buy?

Question.1: Is the  sex doll flexible?

It is very important to understand the manufacturing materials of sex dolls. Generally, TPE and silicone are the two most mainstream materials. If you don't know the difference between them, you can ask the customer service to compare the relevant parameters to you. The dolls of both materials are very soft to the touch.

The material of the  love doll  is platinum silica gel, which is relatively elastic, with high hardness, white flesh, high surface smoothness, strong authenticity, harder fakes, poor elasticity, dark flesh, and a slight stickiness on the surface.

Question.3: What is the size and height of the doll?

Cheap Real TPE Love Doll For Sale - Madelynn

Before buying a doll, be sure to check the size and height of the doll, which is completely based on your hobbies. Make sure all you need is the torso, a mini doll or a real 1:1 doll.

1. Some well-made  WM doll  maintain a similar appearance to real people in appearance, especially in terms of hairstyle, face shape, breasts, etc. that are not much different from reality, helping users find the "dreamer".
2. Some sex dolls use advanced technology, inject humane elements, and can't help but make charming calls, allowing users to enjoy an experience similar to real people.

3. The user can touch and kiss the sex doll, and at the same time have a " life" with the sex doll. It is understood that some sex dolls are reasonably designed in the private parts, such as improved lubricity, and some are also equipped with electric The device allows users to enjoy the sex pleasure.

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