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Warmer Weather Means a Hot Seat at Omni Casino

By xnycw3967 at 2021-06-16 • 0 collector • 429 pageviews

March is a really important month for players who like warm weather because it's what separates the cold winter months from the warmer spring weather. 카지노사이트 understands that a lot of players are ready to get out of the house more, and they're giving you a chance to get your bankroll warmed up as well with the Hot Seat promotion that's running during the month of March. This has been voted up as the most popular promotion they have every ran, and it's pretty easy to understand why that is the case.

The way this works is that you'll earn what are called Hot Seat points. You can earn one point each day, and you earn a point by wagering at least $1,250 total in a day on games other than video poker. If you get five or six points, you'll earn $15. Players who get between seven and 11 points will pick up a cool $40, while players will earn $105 for getting 12 to 17 points. Players who run up between 18 and 22 Hot Seat Points will pick up a nice $215 prize, and $330 is given away to players who get 23 to 27 points. Finally, earning a minimum of 28 points gets the maximum prize of $500.

This promotion is extremely popular for a lot of reasons. First off, there are no wagering requirements on your prizes, so it's easy to see how that's a plus. Second, it's basically giving players free money for playing games that they would be playing anyway. This is really hard to argue with since you can combine your play from this promotion with play for clearing wagering requirements on other bonuses and deals, so it's really a double-dose of value for players.

Omni Casino puts on a lot of cool deals, and one of the keys to their promotional schedule is that it's all about getting players several forms of value at once. With their wide range of bonuses that last through the week, players have a lot of different options, and this makes it easier for them to pick out the deals that are best on a personal basis. This is a lot different than how a lot of online casinos will force players into a "one size fits all" mold that isn't necessarily the best thing for them.

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