Talk to Captain Lockbard and he'll thank you for discovering him

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Talk to OSRS gold Captain Lockbard and he'll thank you for discovering him. He'll give you 3 antique lamps he discovered in the cave. A cutscene will happen showing you bringing the 3 individuals up to the boat with the aid of the Breathing Orb. Congratulations, quest complete! The rewards include 8,000 prayer XP, 11,000 smithing and mining XP, 9,000 structure XP and also the capability to acquire fish summoning pets.

To get fish pets you have to have level 73 summoning. Locate fish eggs in submerged caves or someplace, (should have level 73 summoning) if you discover a shark pup, then you are very fortunate. If you take more than 1 egg you can only get one fish.

Put the egg in it and wait till you own a fish (you can't put the shark puppy in it.) You might have (from rarest to least rarest) Sharks (rarest): They're the ideal helper in underwater fishing. They allow you to catch fish underwater quicker depending on the point. Stages are puppy (there is not shark eggs), juvenile then mature. The next is the Angler Fish. It's the only resource for light in dark underwater cave, as candles or lanterns would obviously go out. They have three phases, egg, larvae and subsequently mature. You have to incubate the egg.

Pufferfish are the next. Their eggs are found on the surface of the water that you can access from climbing up the anchor . Climb up it to go to Captain Murk. Get a pufferfish egg and then incubate it. It will hatch shortly. The most common fish would be the salmon. They allow you to find eggs. When you're in 10 squares of eggs, then it will swim in circles.

All fish need to stay submerged. You can't head out of the water with it following you or in your stock. Speak to the Fish Tamer to give him the fish. You can only have one fish at one time even when the fish is using the tamer. Why you cannot set them in the bank buy RS gold is because you need to give them into the Fish Tamer.

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