Cool gel mat is a new generation of cooling products

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Cool gel mat is a new generation of cooling products. The GEL gel used in cool gel mat itself has much better heat absorption and heat dissipation effects than ordinary bamboo mats and cooling mats, and it lasts longer. Compared with traditional cooling products, it uses more high-tech materials and technology, so that not only can it be cooler than traditional cooling products in terms of cooling, and the cooling lasts longer, but also because of the soft and elastic condensate. The surface of glue and pure cotton cloth allows people to get a more comfortable cooling effect, making it the best cooling product on the market.

The inside of cool gel mat uses a polymer cooling gel, which is similar to a baby antipyretic patch. The polymer gel has a high water content, which can efficiently absorb human body heat into the cool gel mat, and through the gel’s high conductivity and diffusibility of heat, it can make the human body’s heat and the cool gel mat cool. A good heat exchange process is formed between the gel mat and the surrounding air.

Cool gel mat also deliberately adds creases, which not only facilitates folding and storage, but also prevents the internal gel from moving. At the same time, the body has more effective contact with the contact surface of the cool gel mat that is not sufficiently in contact, thereby increasing the body The heat dissipation area has significantly increased the heat dissipation effect, resulting in a comfortable and effective cooling.

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