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Introduce The Principle Of CNG Regulator

By lineng at 2021-06-09 • 0 collector • 175 pageviews

Different forms of CNG Regulator have different specific working principles. But the general principle is still: the pressure reducing valve reduces the inlet pressure to a certain required outlet pressure through the throttling of the opening and closing parts, and keeps the outlet pressure stable. However, general pressure reducing valves require that the inlet and outlet pressure difference must be ≥0.2Mpa.

CNG Regulator is suitable for water, steam, and air medium pipelines. The inlet pressure is reduced to a certain required outlet pressure through adjustment. When the inlet pressure and flow change, the energy of the medium itself automatically maintains the outlet pressure within a certain range.

CNG Regulator consists of two parts: main valve and pilot valve. The main valve is mainly composed of a valve seat, main valve disc, piston, spring, and other parts. The pilot valve is mainly composed of valve seat, valve clack, diaphragm, spring, adjusting spring, and other parts. The outlet pressure is set by adjusting the spring pressure, the diaphragm is used to sense the outlet pressure change, and the pilot valve is opened and closed to drive the piston to adjust the flow area of the throttling part of the main valve to realize the function of pressure reduction and stabilization.

CNG Regulator and CNG LPG ECU are widely used in automobiles.

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