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Wide format folding machine folding action flow, high precision

By ronghua at 2021-06-08 • 0 collector • 215 pageviews

The method of wide format folding machine is the difference between the original image and the tracing paper. There are manual and automatic. Automatic is divided into air suction and negative pressure respectively and double suction and automatic separation. The folding speed of the different methods of the wide format folding machine is a parameter that measures the working efficiency of the different methods of the wide format folding machine. It generally refers to the length of the images that can be folded in a unit hour, and the unit is meters/hour. Despite the wide selection of computer skills and the improvement of computer-aided manufacturing skills (CAD&CAM), the workload of copying drawings has been reduced. However, it is necessary for workers to process and produce drawings in a short time. The cost of low-cost imitation drawings is also that the wide format folding machine cannot be replaced in a certain period of time. The wide format folding machine will also take a long time. Play a role.

Development of printer

development is to make the pictures on the tracing paper appear. Its main methods are: clean dry development, ammonia fumigation, drip ammonia and pressure-diazo method, etc.

Wide format folding machine's overlapping image size refers to the area that the wide format folding machine can greatly support the drawing, generally based on the width of the drawing, and the unit is mm.

Ningbo Ronghua Digital's wide format folding machine can fold 8 A1 drawings in one minute, and the folding action is smooth and accurate. It is also equipped with the first patented fuselage integrated automatic lifting product stacking rack, the drawings are stacked in an orderly manner, can automatically identify the standard drawings, and stack them into corresponding standards according to the needs of customers; automatically alarm and stop the stacking of paper jams, reducing unnecessary waste .

The mechanical transmission structure of the wide format folding machine is well planned and the structure is cautious. The hardware circuit of the control system selects the single-chip microcomputer and its peripheral circuit planning. The stepper motor and its drive controller are used to complete accurate control. A sophisticated folding scale algorithm is selected on the software to complete accurate control. After all, through the combination of the circuit’s software and hardware planning and its mechanical structure, the ideal overlay function has been completed. The above is the content related to the wide format folding machine that we shared with us. I hope that through the above content, we will be able to understand the wide format folding. The machine has further knowledge and understanding.

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