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Lyric Writing - You May Lose Your Listeners If You Do not Phrase Your Words Well

By maha1456 at 2021-06-06 • 0 collector • 262 pageviews

Last week I was considering some lyrics on the web and I stumbled upon what to "Stay Like We're Dying" by Kris Allen. I have been quite definitely into positive personal growth currently, so these lyrics struck me. Granted, they can be quite a bit cheap at times throughout, but over all the message of the track is an excellent one, and that message resonated with me.

So I went along to YouTube to be controlled by the track, and understood I'd certainly heard the track before. When I was only examining the lyrics on monitor, I wasn't sure if I knew the track or not. As I heard the track on the web, I understood the lyrics never resonated with me before, until I found them prepared out.

For a song, that is a problem. All the situations, we do not have the advantage of having the lyrics before us as we listen. We must hear what properly.

So why that track never created a reference to me before examining what? It's since what (in the passage anyway) aren't sung how they would be read written down, or spoken. Singing is an exaggerated form of speech, and wants be handled the way speaking would.

So let us search at what induced the disconnect from paper to completed business recording.

The message is clear, in four lines of lyric. Be bigger in life. Stay like you are dying. Cool.

Now let us HEAR the words. Browse the first passage initially of the video on YouTube. Just look for "Stay Like We're Dying" by Kris Allen.

Just what exactly reads as four lines written down, got sliced up into about eleven small lines in the song. Commonly, this may be great, if each of these eleven lines were a phrase on the own. But the situation listed here is wolves lyrics that they're not. They are four lines reduce up to be eleven, so what might match into the melodic idea. And now we are left with a lyric that's maybe not performing to us. We barely recognize what, since we do not identify the terms the way we would if they were spoken to us.

I'd state five of these pauses actually belong. That is less than half. This design remains throughout all the sentiments in the song. The problem is no body talks like this (except perhaps Bill Shatner). The only real time you might speak sentences like that would be if you were, in reality, dying. So stay like you are desperate, but do not phrase like you are dying. Until, that you don't attention if you are lyrics are linking to your audience.

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