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The product has the effect associated with inhibiting the dispersion involving shale and drill cuttings, and in addition has the functions involving reducing water loss, improving upon flow pattern and boosting lubrication. performance. It can effectively inhibit formation slurry and will be compatible with a lot of treatment agents. It is usually a widely used and suitable well wall stabilizer. The actual appearance is white as well as light yellow powder. Used for shear dilution and anti-collapse flocculation of non-dispersible low-solid mud and polymer systems
YOU. This product is the non-toxic, non-corrosive, widely employed well wall stabilizer. It's the effect of inhibiting the dispersion of shale and also drill cuttings, and includes the properties of reducing water loss, improving pass pattern and increasing lubrication. It can effectively inhibit formation slurry which enable it to be compatible with some treatment agents. It can enhance the rheological properties of the drilling fluid, effectively cover the drilling cuttings, in addition to inhibit the formation with mud. The presence regarding potassium ions can reduce the hydration and spalling connected with soft mud shale as well as brittle shale, and are likely involved in stabilizing the good wall.
2. It has good baby stroller with other treatment agents and may be used in non-dispersible drilling substance and dispersed drilling fluid systems.
3. Strong weight to temperature (≥ 180 ℃).
https://www.eastchem.com.cn/SAP-pl3752253.html 201911ld

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