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Just as one important mechanical basic element, ceramic bearings have exceptional performance that metal bearings can not match. High temperature resistance, super strength, etc. take the lead on the planet of new materials.
Initial, because ceramics are virtually not afraid of corrosion, ceramic rolling bearings are worthy of operation under harsh conditions full of corrosive media.
Second, since the density of the ceramic rolling ball is less than that of steel, plus the weight is much lighter in weight, the centrifugal effect in the outer ring during rotation can be reduced by 40%, plus the service life is enormously extended.
Third, ceramics are less affected by thermal expansion and contraction as compared to steel, so when the particular bearing gap is constant, the bearing can be allowed to operate in an environment the place that the temperature difference changes more drastically.
Fourth, since the elastic modulus of ceramic is above that of steel, it is far from easy to deform when afflicted by force, so it is helpful to increase the doing the job speed and achieve larger accuracy.
(1) High-speed keeping: It has the features of cold resistance, small power elasticity, high pressure challenge, poor thermal conductivity, lightweight, and small friction coefficient. It is usually applied to high-speed spindles in 12, 000 rpm to be able to 75, 000 rpm while others In high-precision equipment;
(2) High temperature resistant bearing: The material itself is tolerant to high temperature with 1200℃, and it will be self-lubricating. The use temperature is definitely between 100℃ and 800℃ without expansion attributable to temperature difference. It may be used in furnaces, plastics, steel and other high-temperature equipment;
(3) Corrosion-resistant bearings: The material itself offers corrosion-resistant properties and works extremely well in fields such since strong acid, strong alkali, inorganic, healthy salt, seawater, etc.,for example: electroplating equipment, electronic apparatus, chemical machinery, shipbuilding, medical equipment, etc..
(4) Antimagnetic showing: Because it is non-magnetic, it not absorb dust, which can reduce the peeling belonging to the bearing surface, thereby decreasing the operating noise. May be used in demagnetization equipment. Precision instruments and various fields.
(5) Electrically insulated bearings: Due to their high resistivity, they can avoid arc harm to the bearings and can be utilized in various electrical tools requiring insulation.
(6) Void bearings: Due to the particular unique oil-free and self-lubricating properties of ceramic materials, it might overcome the problem that ordinary bearings cannot achieve lubrication in an ultra-high vacuum environment. Note: For the above five forms of bearings, the same number of bearings can be put on high temperature, high rate, acid and alkali, magnet field, non-insulation, but on account of different material properties (please reference the performance table regarding rare earth ceramic materials), thus when customers choose merchandise, According to your program, choose the ceramic bearing with all the most suitable material.
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