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Slitting machines, also known as slitting brand name, slitting machine, slitting gear, is used for uncoiling, slitting, and winding metal coils into coils to the required width. It works for processing cold-rolled in conjunction with hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon metallic, tinplate, stainless steel as well as various metal materials soon after surface coating.
1. Aim: Suitable for longitudinal shearing connected with metal strips, and rewinding this slitted narrow strips in the direction of rolls.
2. Advantages: handy operation, high cutting top quality, high material utilization, and stepless speed regulation while in the cutting speed.
3. Structure: It consists of unwinding (unwinding), adding material positioning, slitting and slitting, coiling (rewinding), and many others.
4. Applicable materials: tinplate, silicon metallic sheet, aluminum strip, digital photographer, stainless steel sheet, gal published, etc.
5. Suitable market sectors: transformers, motors, gadgets, automobiles, building materials, presentation industries, etc.
Slitting device kind
1. Parallel dagger shearing equipment. The two blades on the shearing machine are parallel mutually. It is usually applied for transverse shearing together with blooms (square and slabs) and other square and rectangular area billets, so it is as well called billet shearing unit. This type of shearing component sometimes also uses not just one but two forming rotor blades to cool cut rolled parts (such when round tube blanks and small round steel, for example. ), at this time the look of the blade is adapted to the cross-sectional shape of the actual cut rolled part.
ONLY TWO. Oblique blade shearing component. The two blades on this shearing machine, the better blade is inclined, your current lower blade is flat, and they are having a certain angle together. The inclination belonging to the upper blade is 1°~6°. This kind of shearing machine is commonly used for cold shearing as well as hot shearing of sheet metal plates, strip steels, skeletal slabs and welded water line billets. Sometimes it is also used to cut tiny steel into bundles.
In case rolling open-web window components, an oblique blade shearing machine is often used to cut this specific head and tail from the strip (when the strip ought without cutting the crown and tail) for welding within large coils.
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