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company of solenoid valves and system solutions within the field of CNG filling stations with pressure ranges approximately 350 bar, has formally introduced our next generation of 1″ CNG valves to get truck filling. The company says that with regards to the older generation of valves remember that it is able to increase the flow rate with the 1″ valve (type 3054, orifice dimensions DN 18) by 10 %, which leads to your flow rate of Kv worth 7. 5 m3/h or Cv 8. 7 usgal/min.

In 2014 the fresh valve generation ProValve Solitary was introduced with orifices of 8 (type 3051) plus 12 mm (type 3052). Now in 2015 the fresh generation for orifice EIGHTEEN (type 3054) is next.

Eugen Seitz AG is active inside US-market, where there may be a demand for the huge flow rates and fast filling times required for truck filling. Therefore in 2014/2015 we designed an innovative 1″ valve (type 3054) to obtain the highest flow rate possible. This valve has been released successfully on to the market in the meantime.

According to the website, the Kv / Comprehensive resume values used nowadays are not precise regarding compressed real gases. As an alternative to the water-based Kv-values, Seitz prefers a mass flow model with the parameters C and b as outlined by ISO 6358 which enables an increased comparison between the actual physical behaviours of compressed un wanted gas at different pressures. “We can calculate these values through simulation, but also measure these parameters inside a new test bench having different pressures. ”.
https://www.sianvalves.com/Cylinder-CNG-Valve-pd44081764.html CNG valve 201911ld

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