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How to Recover Google Account Without Security Questions?

By questolite at 2021-05-30 • 0 collector • 231 pageviews

It is possible that you created a Google account a long time back and don't use it often. But, now suddenly you need to open that account but you don’t remember the password for the same, didn’t set up or have access to the recovery phone number or email ID. Moreover, you can even forget the answers to the security questions. This is a rare but grave situation.

So, how to recover the Google account without security questions?

Well, Google is known for its best password recovery services. At the time of account set up, it always asks for several recovery options for easy password recovery in future but it is still possible that you don’t have access to these recovery options. So, in that situation, Google asks you other questions like the year when you created your Google account, your date of birth or the last password you remember. One can never forget his/her date of birth; hence you can easily recover your Google account with the date of birth as well. Moreover, Google may ask you more questions to verify you. Once, you are verified, change your recovery email address and phone number and set up the security questions again. It is always recommended to use the password manager as password recovery of any Google account becomes easy with Password manager.

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