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Runescape 20th anniversary kicks off with the Grand Party event and nostalgic quests

By skyblue at 2021-05-21 • 0 collector • 299 pageviews

Iconic dream MMO Runescape celebrated its 20th anniversary today, January 4, and RuneScape Gold developer Jagex will roll some nostalgic events throughout the year as part of"one of the [game's] most content-rich decades ever."

The main version of Runescape is getting a new event called The Grand Party today, including beloved NPCs like the arbitrary event Sandwich Lady and the party hat-wearing Wise Old Man. The Grand Party will dish out a suite of buffs, as well as an anniversary cape and outfit. More anniversary content will arrive during the year as part of their four-part questline Once Upon a Time, which Jagex explains as"a celebratory romp through Runescape's past, present, and a glimpse of its potential." This will start on January 25, and will run alongside the Elder Gods arc intended for year.

Talking of Runescape's last: Old School Runescape, the alternative and proudly retro version of the sport, is also getting some anniversary content. Starting this Wednesday, January 6, OSRS players can team up with the Green Gnome Child for"a trek through the original haunts of RuneScape to unlock the Realm of Memories and struggle with demons and dragons, complete with rewards such as a 20th Anniversary Cloak and a Gnome Child dedication for player-owned house chapels." I choose to believe this really is Jagex's strategy to formally enshrine one of this game's most recognizable (and memed) characters, and I'm not taking questions currently.

Outside of the matches themselves, Jagex will even release some anniversary merch, and for me personally the headliner is a golden vinyl pressing for OSRS Power Leveling 24 hand-picked Runescape tunes, including the one and only Sea Shanty 2. Additionally, comic book Dark Horse is partnering with the studio to get a history of the match's first two decades.

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