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Social Learning Theory

By stacycolins at 2021-05-13 • 0 collector • 222 pageviews

Social learning theory can be widely used in the workplace. In my opinion, it can be applied to my current work experience. This work requires much communication with others. Therefore, the work of a sales manager implies socialization and particular behavior, and social learning theory is applicable for this work.

In order to apply social learning theory to my work experience, four steps should be followed. The first step is modeling behavior for employees. Instead of telling employees what to do, leaders should model the behavior. The whole process of behavior should be acted out. If sales managers see the modeled conduct, they are likely to understand the results better. The second step is encouraging the sales managers to imitate the behavior of their leader, which can be done in two ways. The leaders can directly tell the sales manager to reproduce the modeled behavior. They can also reward the sales managers who follow the modeled behavior.

The third step is observing the sales managers and their behavior. Leaders should make sure that managers follow the modeled procedures. If the employees do not follow them, the leader should correct their behavior and encourage them to adopt his/her conduct. The fourth step is setting consequences for different behavior deviations. If the sales managers do not follow the behavior of their leaders, penalties for doing so should be set. They may vary from simple verbal correction made by leader to more severe formal sanctions.

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