Can Inflammation In The Bladder Cause Backache?

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Many people have experienced reduced back pain. Many people's backache signs will repeatedly relapse, not only influencing their everyday behaviors and causing decrease work effectiveness, and also taking about a lot of mental tension in their mind.


There are many causes of low back pain. In addition to daily life postures, overworking, muscle strain and other factors, it may also be related to urinary tract infection. And as for cystitis, it is a common urinary disease, so can the patient with cystitis have distinct backache?


Experts discuss that cystitis usually won't invite reduced back discomfort. Its symptoms mainly include frequency and urgency of urinating, excruciating urination and other symptoms.


Only when cystitis bacteria go up into the ureter and the renal pelvis, and cause pyelonephritis, can systemic symptoms such as low back pain and fever occur. In fact, cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder and the urethra, which is not really related to the lower back pain.


Even if cystitis won't directly cause low back pain, its damage to human body cannot be overlooked. As for women, it can cause abnormal urination. The urine may be cloudy and have a putrid odor as well as pus cells.


Female patients can feel a burning pain in the urethra. In serious cases, it is similar to urinary incontinence, accompanied by frequent and urgent urination. Beside, cystitis can induce perineal pain. When the bladder is full, the pain in the superior pubic area will be distinct. But commonly, it can be alleviated after urination.


As for male friends, cystitis will have an effect on masculine erotic functionality. Without treatment, cystitis can lead to urinary dysfunction, and even dysuria and uremia, which seriously threaten male kidney function. What’s more, it will bring about other complications. Physiologically, cystitis can affect the nearby organs, such as prostate gland and seminal vesicle, giving rise to prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis respectively.


In some cases, cystitis can stimulate tuberculosis. If you suffered from tuberculosis before, and still have irritation in the urethra or have some abnormal urinary sediments after having treatment with antibiotics, it may be an important symptom of the tuberculosis caused by cystitis.


On condition that you have cystitis, you are always supposed to be treated quickly. If left untreated for too long, it will lead to more related diseases and make it more difficult to cure.


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