Old School RuneScape Ends Partnership Polls Historical Because of Microtransaction Backlash

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Old School RuneScape (OSRS), an MMORPG title that launched almost two years ago, has closed a community survey that has been voting on RS Gold the implementation of"Partnerships." In essence, Partnerships revolve around the concept that some new things and features would first become available to"Partners" of Old School RuneScape, before being published to the general populace.

When the promotional event had finished, they then allowed all players to use the pigment. The RuneScape community didn't like the notion back then, and they still don't like it today. A subreddit devoted to OSRS has contested the notion repeatedly over the past week. Many users are claiming that this brings the game one step closer to having full blown microtransactions. Others see this as"microtransactions by means of a third party," since players who have paid to become spouses with another firm are rewarded with exclusive products.

Thankfully Jagex, the developers of OSRS, have stated they won't include any new content into the game without first polling the community. This can be accomplished with an in-game voting booth in which members may throw their virtual ballots. Due to this voting system, most of the community is pleased with any adjustments made to the game that is nostalgic. The survey was set to close on Monday the 8th, however ancient polling results were negative Jagex decided to shut the booths early. A formal statement from the provider indicates that not only were the polls extremely one-sided, but the overall hatred around the topic forced them to leave the idea. They state that they were in no way attempting to add microtransactions into the match and are disappointed that the community believed they would do anything.

Obviously, they did exactly that using Runescape 3, a move which many assert stunted the development of the title. OSRS is a Free to Perform name, but it supplies a monthly subscription that adds countless hours of extra content. The simple fact that any sort of monetization was being discussed when the name already contains a monthly subscription was probably the cause of such a backlash from Buy RuneScape Gold the community.

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