CoolFeel Max

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Welcome! We’re Thrilled That You’ve Discovered CoolFeel Max!

Did a ride on a bus ever leave you completely drenched in sweat? Do you sometimes avoid going out just because you know that you’ll have to walk in an insane heat? Indeed, heatwaves are rarely enjoyable, but not unavoidable. We can offer you a convenient, portable device that you could carry around hands-free and cool down to your wanted temperature. That device is CoolFeel Max!

CoolFeel Max is a cordless, neck-hanging fan cooler, that is completely safe and available to be worn both indoors and out. Forget all about the summer heat – with this device, it will no longer be an issue.


What makes CoolFeel Max so special?

You won’t find a more portable device than this. And what’s best – you don’t even have to think about carrying it – just place it around your neck and forget that it’s there! It isn’t difficult to use CoolFeel Max – simply charge it with a micro USB cable first. It won’t take long, nor will it consume tons of electricity. Long-lasting lithium battery does not require frequent charging either, so you can simply enjoy using this device. CoolFeel Max is a fan cooler, which means that it sucks the air from your environment and blows it out cooled down. But don’t worry – it was designed to be perfectly safe and not suck in your hair or clothing. Wear it everywhere, even while exercising, and forget all about the heat! Buy here:

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