Enameled Aluminum Wire Has Main Effective

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For a long time, brutal market competition has made home appliance  companies strenuously pursuing a good strategy to reduce costs. As an important  component of many home appliances, the importance of reducing the purchase price  of this product is self-evident for home appliance companies. The reporter  learned through interviews with a number of upstream and downstream companies  that the current motor cost reduction work has made considerable progress, among  which enameled aluminum  wire (hereinafter referred to as aluminum wire) has become the main  effective method in the industry.

    In China's home appliance motor industry, the core material of  motor enameled wire is always copper-based. Copper enameled wire (hereinafter  referred to as copper wire) has obvious advantages: high conductivity, mature  technology, and reliable quality. However, in recent years, the rising prices of  raw materials such as copper have caused headaches for home appliance  companies.

    It is understood that aluminum wire motors have many advantages:  First, the difference in the price of copper and aluminum makes aluminum wires  have a greater advantage in the cost of use. For the same motor, the cost of  using aluminum wires is about 30% lower than using copper wires; Second, for the  complete machine company, the use of aluminum wire motors takes up less capital  than copper wire motors; third, the density of aluminum is only 1/3 of copper,  so the weight of aluminum wires is much lighter than copper wires, which can  reduce the logistics of home appliances. cost.

    According to industry insiders, in fact, aluminum wire motors have  long been accepted by some countries in Europe, America and Asia. The  International Electrotechnical Commission has long established standards for  aluminum wire motors (IEC60317-0-3, IEC60317-25, etc.).

Round  Enameled Aluminum Wire and rectangular enameled aluminum wire are two shapes of enameled  aluminum wire, with different application ranges.

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