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cnc machining services china factory story introduce

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CNC machining services

uDun China,our company Original USA GIM Technology Co., Ltd,all the time CNC machining services for silicon valley company kinds of machine CNC part. General manager Feng, Chinese American people, plans to establish a factory in GuangDong when the china open to all the world policy. 2005 years Asia America was founded to create high CNC machining services. When the china open to world , china fill with the large challenge that Science and technology are constantly improving and the manufacturing industry is constantly upgrading .CNC machining talent people come from the university can satisfy the company long time development.As an entrepreneur and this sprint is keep first that lasting create profits and save the CNC machining part cost. Know more about us Here we can watch the Asia America factory with 12000 squares and 300 sets CNC machining machine including the CNC mill machining and turn machining.all of machine come from the USA and Japan .we can complete the different industry 2D contour lathe and 3D surface high rough finish machining CNC part.we have the Strong CNC part design and CNC CAM team total 180 employee..such as complete 5 axis mill machining services. know more CNC machining information




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profile of mixing bowl factory


some stories of me and my factory


mixing bowls, colander bowls, grater bowls, pint cup,



Dongshang, located in Guangdong Province in China, established in 1997, is a pioneer in the manufacturing of kitchen appliance parts. Our companys aim is to Make our customers more successful through better products

Over the last 25 years Dongshang has built an outstanding reputation through its product function innovations and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Our success has led us to provide products to industry leaders such as Panasonic and Philips among others. Our services currently extend to over 13 different countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, and South America. We always provide the best products for our partners, and everyone at Dongshang is committed to make the impossible possible.

Our main category is mixing bowls, pint cups, beer cups, pet product, metal stamping

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