Moon lamps have gained immense popularity in recent times

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Moon lamps have gained immense popularity in recent times, as they have become a fashion accessory. They can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or office environment and they help create a calming ambiance. There are many types of these lamps available in the market. Here is a brief run through of the different types and materials available.

custom photo moon lamp

Moon lamps come in different shapes and sizes from many brands. Therefore, purchasing the right lamp could be a tedious task as there are many considerations required to be kept in mind. Before buying one, determine which functionalities will suit your requirements best. Eco-Friendly: First and foremost, you should check whether the lamp you are purchasing is made of eco-friendly material or not. Eco Friendly lamps usually use recycled paper for their construction, which reduces the overall usage of paper.

Most moon lamps available in the market are circular in shape. They look like half-diamonds or half-seashells, which give them their name. Wall moon lamps, as the term suggests, are hung from the wall and resemble a piece of art, which perfectly matches the ambience of almost any room. There are many types of moon lamps available today. Some of the most common types are wall mountable, table top, floor stand and floor mounted.

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