A New Update Comes to WoW Classic TBC Beta

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In World of Warcraft Classic, Heroics and Eye of the Storm have also been added. For those lucky enough to enter the classic TBC beta version of World of Warcraft, the new update adds a lot of new content for you to test!

This includes increasing the level cap to 70, adding heroic dungeons and the eye of the storm battlefield. This is our understanding of the new update and the next step in the classic TBC beta version of World of Warcraft.

The way to join World of Warcraft classic TBC Beta

When many players found the classic TBC Beta of World of Warcraft in their Battle.net client and celebrated, many other players were still waiting and checking their client every day to no avail. Although the classic TBC beta version of World of Warcraft is only by invitation-you need to opt-in to qualify.

Wow Classic TBC Beta update patch notes

Now Warcraft classic TBC beta has become more exciting since a new update has arrived, raising the upper limit of the classic TBC Beta of "World of Warcraft" from 64 to 70, allowing players to further test the upgrade experience.

Most importantly, thanks to the new update, players will have more endgame options in the "World of Warcraft" classic TBC Beta, which also adds Heroic Dungeons and Storm of Battle battlefields to the Beta version.

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