Here's The Post Shower Skin Care Routine Which You Need To Follow Every Day!

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It is essential to take care of your skin. Our skin is subjected to harsh external conditions, which makes it prone to damage. Start your morning skincare routine after shower. It is because after taking a bath, you cleanse your body and unclog the skin pores properly. This is the best time to apply skincare products. Buy skin care kit combos, as it contains everything necessary for you to follow in the morning routine.

Morning Tips For Skin Care While Showering


1. Temperature Of The Water


Use warm water when you are taking a bath. Warm water is ideally good because it helps loosen the dust and at the same time preserve your skin's natural hydrating oil.


2. Wash Your Hair First


Before washing your body or face, first, wash your hair. When you wash your hair and scalp, the dirt moves to your shoulder and neck, which you could later wash off when you wash your body.


3. Do Not Rub Your Skin


Do not rub your skin vigorously as it leaves your skin irritated and itchy. This should be avoided because it leads to skin damage.


Few Tips For Skin Care Routine To Follow After Taking A Shower


1. Exfoliation


Exfoliation is when you remove old skin cells or dead skin cells from the surface of your skin after having a warm shower or washing your body and hair thoroughly. Lastly, go for your face. Use face scrub or face wash which contains ingredients good for exfoliation. Gently wash your face to unclog the pores and remove dead skin cells.


2. Moisturizer


The best time to apply moisturizer is right after you have taken a warm shower. Apply moisturizer all over your body. It locks the moisture in your skin and helps keep it hydrated. When applying moisture, don't dry yourself completely; the body's moisture helps to absorb the moisturizer into your skin and keeps your skin hydrated.


3. Apply serum


Apply serum to your face. Make sure that you haven't put any moisturizer on the face before applying it. Face serum helps keep your skin healthy and hydrated as it helps prevent or cures dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles.


4. Facial Cream


After using serum, apply facial cream to your face. When the skin is damp, it more readily pulls inside and locks moisture in the skin. Hence, keeping the skin hydrated.


5. Take Care Of Your Scalp

After your face and body, you should also pay attention to your hair, especially your scalp. Dry your hair with a towel. Hair serum promotes the smoothness of the hair and protects your hair against damage. Apply it when your hair is damp and not thoroughly dried.


Taking a shower at the right temperature and proper pressure helps cleanse the skin. It is always best to use a facial diamond kit after you have showered. The damped and clean skin allows the skin to absorb the moisturizer, serum, and cream. The skin pores are cleaned and unclogged, which utilizes the skincare products.

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