Introduce The Type Of Mini Car Freezer

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Most of the refrigerators used in our daily life are relatively large, so it is relatively inconvenient to carry them. Summer picnics or long-distance travel can be a problem, so there is the appearance of Mini Car Freezer. mini car freezer is divided into semiconductor type and compressor type. The working principles of the two types of car refrigerators are also quite different.

Semiconductor car refrigerators are also called electronic refrigerators. Unlike traditional refrigerators that use refrigerants for cooling, the principle of semiconductor car refrigerators belongs to electronic physical cooling. This cooling method uses the "Peltier effect". The charge carrier moves in the conductor to form a current. Because the charge carrier is at different energy levels in different materials when it moves from a high energy level to a low energy level, it will Excess heat is released. On the contrary, it needs to absorb heat from the outside world. This is why the semiconductor car refrigerator can both cool and heat. The compressor car refrigerator is a branch of the traditional household refrigerator. The working principle is also that the motor provides mechanical energy, and the compressor does work on the refrigeration system. The advantages of this type of refrigerator are undoubtedly good refrigeration effect, large capacity, and can be frozen. The disadvantage is that it is large in size and heavy in weight, and it is inconvenient to carry when used in a car.

Of course, if you need a larger refrigerator, then the 12V DC Freezer would be a good choice.

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