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IB Tutor

Baccalaureate Classes provides accomplished and staunch IB tutor for Diploma, MYP and PYP students across the globe. We are committed to assign you the finest and most suitable IB tutor for an effective tutoring and help you score seven in all subjects. There are more than five thousand schools in the world affiliated to International Baccalaureate organization. Although there are approximately one hundred thousand teachers in all the IB schools globally, still a majority of students are dependent on private tuitions and individual IB tutoring. There could be multiple reasons for this such as incompetent school teachers at many schools, lack of motivation or tutoring skills or maybe dozens of students in a class. As we know that International Baccalaureate is a challenging, advanced and rigourous curriculum.

IB Tutors at Baccalaureate Classes

IB tutors at Baccalaureate Classes are well trained professional educators having many years of experience. Our IB tutors strictly follow the pedagogy and learning objectives developed by International Baccalaureate. 

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