Landscape Lighting Guide – Types, Selection Criteria, And Rules

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Do you want to improve lighting outside your home? If you are looking for landscape lighting ideas, we have an inspirational guide from the Done Right team!

Landscape lighting complements the general outdoor lighting and emphasizes the beauty of the urban area (parks, squares, etc.) or apartment buildings’ courtyards. For such light, it is essential to correctly distribute the luminous flux, for which a tiered system of several groups of lamps is created. It is reflected in the outdoor landscape lighting project, which is formed simultaneously with the landscape design. This is necessary to emphasize the advantages of the yard and hide flaws, highlight common and private areas. And to do this, you must know various types of landscape lighting available.

Types of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting includes several types of lighting:

  • Security lighting: creating the effect of presence, video surveillance;

  • Functional lighting: everyday lighting of paths, walkways, steps;

  • Architectural lighting: illumination of buildings, facades, columns;

  • Decorative lighting: the play of light and shadow;

  • Festive lighting: elegant lighting of facades, trees.

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