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Graphic Designers Migrating To UX Designing

By auxesisinfotech at 2019-09-26 • 0 collector • 783 pageviews

Designers aren’t newly born professionals but have been evolving since time immemorial and since then they have been termed as graphic designers in the most popular form. Most of the old school designers were specifically concerned with the creating and curating of designs which looked fab, without thinking their brains out for the end results. Then came into discovery the advancements of the digital which challenged the dogma of graphic designing as the only kith and kin of designing which was aimed towards its looks and least about the analysis and evaluation of the business directories.




Contemporarily, designs are UX oriented and that implies both appealing look and aspiring usability. User Experience in itself utters the best meaning of its name! The whole journey that is undergone by a user throughout the business visuals can be referred to as the best UX designs which have not only grabbed the eyes of the individuals but also caught hold on the attention of users throughout. With the digital establishments, the digital demands of the users have also accelerated and due to which UX has been the tag of the trend.




UX designs are devoutly involved in the process of engaging users and making them interact with the business body as a whole. They enhance the quality of communication between the user and the product or service that they have engaged with. From visual appearance to the user interface everything needs to be user empathised when it comes to UX design goals. The graphic designers must essentially note some points in their journals while switching to UX designing roles and responsibilities, mentioned below.

Let us imagine a situation which would definitely help you relate to real-life situations that are the watchdog of UX. If a product does not have an appealing look, how would someone be induced to purchase the same? Moreover, if the product you are using does not have proper functionality which is both smooth and enduring, then how will you acquire the perfect usability? Look, interaction and usability can be named as the mechanical factors of UX designs! Thus, for becoming UX designers, graphic designers can't just stick to the visual effects but the user interaction and the implications of the same on them too.




Graphic designers are the ones who are concerned with the analysis of the designs on the basis of how they would visually attract users through creativity. Whereas, UX designers are completely concerned to start from scratch and gain control of looks, accessibility and interaction of the users with the business ventures through designs with not only looks but sense. 

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