What Are The Functions Of 5-153X GU1000 PRECISION 369 Universal Joint

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A universal joint is a joint that connects two levers. The joint is composed of a pair of ordinary hinges with a relative orientation of 90° so that the lever can be turned in any direction. It is still widely used in the transmission of vehicles. But there are many types of cars, and not every type of universal joint model is the same, so there are many different types of universal joints, such as the 5-153X GU1000 PRECISION 369 universal joint .

In the automotive transmission system and other systems, to realize the power transmission between some axes intersecting or want to change the position of the rotating shafts, universal transmissions must be used. Universal transmissions are generally composed of universal joints and transmission shafts, sometimes There must also be intermediate support.

According to whether the universal joint has obvious elasticity in the torsion direction, it can be divided into the rigid universal joint and flexible universal joint. Rigid universal joints can be divided into constant velocity universal joints (such as ball-cage universal joints), unequal velocity universal joints (usually cross-shaft type), and quasi-constant velocity universal joints (such as double joint universal joints). Xiang section) three kinds.

Also, there are many small categories, such as the 5-280X PRECISION 334 universal joint .

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