Dust and paint the flat pack container house every one to two years

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People live in flat pack container houses. These flat pack container houses are made of light steel frames and have a low cost. They can also be used on different occasions and applications. PTH flat pack container house manufacturers will introduce how to do the maintenance work of assembled containers.

Generally speaking, after the flat pack container house is installed, it is not allowed to modify the layout or assembling bolts and other parts at will. If you need to make some changes to the assembled flat pack container house structure, you need to discuss with the assembled flat pack container house manufacturer whether it can be done The change depends on the professionals.

Flat pack container house houses should be equipped with some protection devices instead of tying them randomly, which can prevent the occurrence of electric shocks and reduce the risk. During use, the steel data of the assembled flat pack container houses should be checked every one to two years. Rust removal and painting can prevent the occurrence of rust.

PTH flat-pack container house adopts welded integrated frame with PU foaming insulated roof and all-welded integrated chassis.

PTH adopts fully automatic production lines such as robot welding, which can reduce manual error and improve the uniformity of the weld seam.

For flat pack container house project wholesale, please contact us: container house manufacturers.

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