Getting started is good. To start VERY fast is much better!

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The world is getting faster and more competitive.

If you have a good shop idea, running time can really make the difference.

This was confirmed to me just a few days ago by Julien, a client I met on a salon. He explained to me how he had detected that Hand Spinners were going to become fashionable in France. The day he discovers this, he wastes no time. He spends the day finding suppliers and at night setting up his site.


The next morning (so in less than 24 hours) he officially launched his online shop.

His luck... No... his talent is to be the first to launch a site dedicated to Hand Spinners just before the media takes over the phenomenon!

When he heard about the Hand Spinners, dozens of other entrepreneurs had the same idea as him. But whoever launched the site the fastest won the battle.

Even if you don't play on fashion phenomena, today a good entrepreneur is a fast and agile entrepreneur. It is better to get started very quickly by focusing only on the most important things at first, open your site to the public and then refine it as you go.

Don't see opening your site as the completion of your project.

No, it's just a first laying brick.

Every day, you will need to improve it, optimize it, add products, review your commercial offers and your value proposition.

Quickly launching your shop allows you to:

To be able to have first concrete feedback from users

To be able to show its activity to key people (bankers, investors, suppliers...)

Be able to make first sales that will allow you to communicate more or buy more stocks

Start collecting your visitors' emails to relaunch them

But above all... send a signal to Google as soon as possible

Every second lost counts in the race for natural referencing.

Your goal is to position your products on search engines and seniority is, precisely, a very important parameter in the eyes of Google.

Put yourself in his shoes for a few seconds.

Who would you advise: An online store that has been on the web for several months or years and on which you have a step back or a merchant site opened a few days ago and which you hardly know?

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