Choose the right style of bathroom vanity

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The bathroom vanity is one of the first places most people head to before beginning the day so, it's a good idea to give some serious thought to how you want it to look and feel.

Bathroom vanity should not only complement the design concept, layout, and style of your bathroom, but it should also match your lifestyle, habits, and budget.

Double vanities have become more popular than ever, both in homes and hotels. Separate sunk-in sinks offer couples the option to brush their teeth at the same time, make a dedicated space for two with double sinks.

The bathroom vanity is also divided into three types: counter basin, counter basin, or under counter basin.

Countertop basin is a sophisticated and sculptural option. Some have half-sphere or half oval-shaped basins in a variety of materials. Though vessel sinks can be more costly to install, the color and material contrast between the basin and counter can add an extra layer of style to your bathroom.

The under-counter basin is very easy to take care of, the countertop is easy to clean, and it seems to be integrated with the countertop, which is more concise, but it is relatively troublesome to install.

The Taichung basin is easy to clean and has a beautiful appearance, but the installation process is more complicated and requires the highest accuracy. A slight deviation will easily form a gap and dead corner.

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