How to deal with the failure of the electronic scale?

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Today we will talk about the related knowledge of electronic scale. If you are interested, let's read on:

1. Basic principles of electronic scales

Weighing instrument refers to a measuring instrument used to measure the mass of an object or other parameters as a mass function. The common electronic scale in daily life is a weighing instrument equipped with electronic devices. In addition, there are many kinds of electronic weighing instruments. For example, electronic truck scales, electronic railway scales, steel scales, etc. The basic components of a weighing instrument roughly include load cells, load measurements for data output, measuring instruments for display, and reset systems. Among them, the main function of weighing is the load cell, which is the core component of the electronic weighing instrument. It is to paste the resistance strain gauge on the elastic sensitive component, and then choose a suitable composition method to weigh the weight of the object. Converted into electrical signals. When the weighing is too heavy, the item should be placed on the electronic weighing instrument stably, otherwise the weighing will be inaccurate, and then the weighing body and mechanical connecting parts of the electronic weighing instrument will act on the load cell. The force undergoes elastic deformation and outputs a signal proportional to the weight, which is then collected by the junction box, sent to the instrument meter of the weighing display, and displayed in the display window to complete the weighing measurement.

2. Features of electronic scales

Compared with traditional lever-type mechanical weighing instruments, electronic scales have many advantages. They have fast response speed, simple structure, small size, convenient weighing, high resolution, direct digital display of weighing value, and high stability and reliability. , In addition, it has the characteristics of long life and convenient maintenance. It can also realize long-distance transmission of weight signals, realize centralized control and automatic control, and adapt to a variety of complex and changeable environments, and can still work accurately in harsh environments where mechanical scales cannot work.

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